May 18, 2017

Progressive Cheverly's Green Pages

In our stated Principles, Progressive Cheverly works to encourage these values:

  •  An ecologically sound economy must meet society’s material needs through sustainable use of nontoxic and renewable energy, materials and processes.

  •  Society must conserve, restore and protect its natural resources and prevent further degradation of the environment.

In support of these values, we are providing these Green Pages as a resource to our neighbors in Cheverly.  Included is information about the Cheverly Green Homes Certification Program, links to environmentally- friendly products, services, vendors and organizations and other programs we are currently developing.

Let's work together to make Cheverly a better place to live!

Progressive Cheverly encourages our neighbors to join us in Going Green.  We have endorsed the Cheverly Green Home Certification Program.  To qualify, a Cheverly resident needs to adopt many of the recommendations found on the Qualifications Sheet.  Reach or exceed 1,000 points and your home becomes a Cheverly Certified Green Home.

Cheverly Green Home Certification Program

Use the survey sheet (click here) to see if you have a green home.  The survey covers not only the energy efficiency of your house, but also conservation measures that can be taken outside your home.  A minimum of 1,000 points are needed to qualify as a ‘Cheverly Green Home.’  If you fall short, use this as a guide to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Explanations of survey items:

  1. Regular use of town recycling bins for newspapers, glass, plastic and aluminum bottles, cans & jars; mixed paper including cardboard, magazines and circulars.

  2. Energy star appliances – Energy star appliances are designed to use less energy. They meet federal guidelines and are tagged with the EnergyStar logo. (

  3. Heating & Air Conditioning – EnergyStar rated furnace AND Air Conditioner unit. Carbon neutral heating – corn-fed or wood pellet-fed woodstove.

  4. Energy audit – on-line audit through PEPCO or Washington Gas website. Certified auditor including blower door test and/or infrared camera test. (

  5. Home Lighting – the use of Compact Fluorescent Lights can greatly reduce your energy consumption. Count the total number of interior and exterior light and see how many are CFLs.

  6. Yard – percentage of yard (minus house footprint) that is not turf, driveway or sidewalk.  Minimal use of lawnmowers, fertilizers and herbicides in encouraged.  Alternatives include non-invasive native grasses and plants, flower and vegetables gardens, trees and shrubs.

  7. Backyard Habitat Certification – providing for bird and animal habitat – shelter, food, water and nesting area.

  8. Rain water conservation – re-using rainwater in your own yard instead of letting it drain to the Anacostia River and the Chesapeake Bay

  9. Transportation – minimize use of cars and vans.  Use EPA ratings for your year, make and mode (highway or combined mileage).

  10. Bonus points:

    1. Domestic solar hot water heater

    2. Solar PV cells – 50% or more of household electricity produced by rooftop photovoltaic cells.

    3. Wind Energy Credit – buying power generated by wind farms instead of PEPCO

    4. Clothesline – use of outdoor clotheslines instead of electric/gas clothes dryer.


Return your completed survey to:

Cheverly Green Home
6215 Inwood Street
Cheverly, MD 20785-3113

Include $5 (cash or check – payable to ‘Progressive Cheverly’) if your total points are 1,000 or above.

Please list how you want your name listed on the certificate.
(The Smith family, Mr. & Mrs. Bob Jones, Joseph Walker, etc.)

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