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December -- Progressive Cheverly will hold its annual holiday party in lien of a Forum. Details forthcoming.

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Thursday, November 2nd, 7 pm: Can Single-Payer Health Care Really Work and Will It Work For Me?

The Affordable Care Act is in serious trouble because of White House and Congressional efforts to kill it. But there is a renewed interest in Single-Payer or a Medicare for All approach. Come hear our speakers: Dr. Margaret Flowers, pediatrician and co-chair of the Maryland chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, and Maryland State Senator Paul Pinsky.  They will discuss what is meant by a single-payer health system, how it might function in the US, what is happening here in Maryland, and how to build a movement to support single-payer, including its role in the 2018 and 2020 elections. Hoyer Education Center (cafeteria), 2300 Belleview Ave, Cheverly. (Parking Available)

Thursday, October 5th, 7 pm: Forum on Fair Elections in Maryland.

How does money adversely affect the democratic process and what can be done to limit the power of money in elections? Learn about current efforts to control spending on local elections, gerrymandering of elections in Maryland and more. All welcome. Speakers: Damon Effingham, Legal and Policy Director, Common Cause Maryland and Suchitra Balachandran, Chair, Our Revolution Prince George's, a member of the Fair Election Prince George's Coalition. Hoyer Education Center (cafeteria), 2300 Belleview Ave. (Parking Available), Cheverly. Light refreshments will be served. Sign language interpreters are available upon request. Contact chair@progressivecheverly.org.

Thursday, September 7, 2017Returning Citizens and our Community. 

Last spring a large number of Cheverly residents objected to the placement of a Halfway House in our town.  Yet the fact remains that formerly incarcerated persons live in Cheverly as they do elsewhere in Prince George's County and very few public services are offered to help this vulnerable population.  This forum will present experts and activists who will examine the public policy steps we can take to help reintegrate them into civic life upon their return as well as look at the public policy choices that result in so many fellow citizens being locked up in the first place. 

Courtney Stewart, Chairman/CEO, The National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens
Krystal Oriadha, Lead Advocate, Criminal Justice Reform, Progressive Prince George's
Amity Pope, Co-Lead, Progressive Prince George's
Karen Dolan,  Project Director, Criminalization of Race and Poverty, Institute for Policy Studies

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Latest Public Statements

October 2017: Progressive Cheverly endorses Fair Elections campaign in Prince George's County

 September 2017: Progressive Cheverly condemns white supremacy and anti-semitism in Charlottesville

June 2017: letter on the Proposed Concrete Batching Plant in Bladensburg

June 2017: Progressive Cheverly opposes U.S. withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

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Based in Cheverly, Maryland, our mission is to promote economic fairness, social justice, basic human rights, a sustainable environment, a tolerant society and world peace through a more informed political dialogue and active participation in civil society and the democratic political process.

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