Our advocacy has spanned many issues and different levels of government over the life of our organization. A few examples include our work to improve health care in Prince George's County, fighting for land use decisions and development that benefits local communities, advocacy in the Maryland General Assembly year after year for economic and social justice, and promoting the move toward environmental sustainability through efforts in our local community. Wherever possible we join in coalitions with other organizations to achieve our goals.

Some of this work has spanned many years. We are in this for the long haul.  

You can read many of our public letters, testimony and statements on our Public Statements page.

Here are more specific examples of our past and present work.

  • Testifying, lobbying and rallying for state and local legislation related to health care, environment, education, equal rights, voter rights, election reform and economic fairness.

  • Organizing in response to Wal-Mart’s coming into Capital Plaza by working to establish stronger community standards for big-box stores moving into our community.

  • Working to protect Prince George’s Hospital Center, support the development of a new regional medical center, promote primary care services in the County and help people sign up for health care under the Affordable Care Act.

  • Fighting for environmental justice over several years as part of efforts to stop the construction of a concrete batching plant on Sheriff Road, and more recently another such plant in Bladensburg.

  • Planning public forums on issues of wide public concern—from local issues, such as the future of Prince George’s Hospital Center, to national issues, such as proposals to reform Social Security.  

  • Conducting discussion groups about books and articles that challenge us politically and intellectually.

  • Reaching out to civic associations and elected officials in our community to talk about issues of mutual interest.