Corey Flintoff

May 4 Corey Flintoff Forum

How did you start working in Russia

Russian Pop Culture

Emphasis on WW2

Russian Media in International Politics and Fake News

International Journalists in Russia

What was it like to live in Russia?

Interviewing Opposition Leaders

Censorship and the Internet

Oppositions and Protests

Diplomatic Relationship with Russia

Diplomatic Relationship with Russia Cont. 


Q1: Similarities with Putin

Q2: Propaganda

Q3: Russian Youth and the Baltic States

Q4 Baltic States

Q5: Journalists

Q6: Russian Interference in the Election

A6: Russian Response

Putin Re-Legitimization of the Church


Q9: Trump Putin Relationship

Q10: Corey Flintoff's Transition at NPR

Q11: Putin Influence on Eastern European Countries

Q12: What do Russians do for fun

Q13: Syria & Iran

Q14: NATO Funding

Q15: Language Spoken in Interviews